Original 5 in 1 Baby Carrier
Original 5 in 1 Baby Carrier
Original 5 in 1 Baby Carrier
Original 5 in 1 Baby Carrier
Original 5 in 1 Baby Carrier
Original 5 in 1 Baby Carrier
Original 5 in 1 Baby Carrier
Original 5 in 1 Baby Carrier
Original 5 in 1 Baby Carrier
Original 5 in 1 Baby Carrier

Original 5 in 1 Baby Carrier

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Babies who are carried frequently by Mum or Dad are more calm and relaxed. Keeping them close as they learn about the world gives them the support they need, and the sense of security, which is essential to their wellbeing and healthy development.
  • One size fits all with fully adjustable straps and dual railings, fits left or right shoulder
  • Five different carrying positions and two breastfeeding positions, allows you to breastfeed discretely
  • The shoulder pad is extra padded for comfort, padded infant head support, and railing, a pocket to help position infant properly
  • Easy quick release buckle will not wake up sleeping babies, second safety buckle for added security
  • Made of 100% cotton, machine washable (hang to dry)
  • 0 - 2 Years Carry up to 15kg

Above all, holding your baby close is the most natural and wonderful thing, that makes all the challenges of parenting totally worth it. That's why helping you keep them close is our most important mission.

The focus of our unique design is simplicity and flexibility. Original 5 in 1 Baby Carrier will allow you to carry in 5 different positions. Our slings are great for breastfeeding while on the go. They are effortless to put on and take off, fully adjustable - one size fits all, adaptable to yours and baby's needs, and super durable. Changing shoulders and positions ensures both you and baby stay comfortable throughout the day, and assists with the healthy development of their hips and spine.

The Original 5 in 1 Baby Carrier 0-24m | 3.6-15.9kg | 8-35lbs The ultra-lightweight and super-breathable BabaSling Lite is designed for climates a bit hotter than most. Made with airy cotton twill, the Lite stays cool and comfy, even in warmer temperatures. It's also great for indoors and for active parents who want the benefits of a lighter fabric without sacrificing any of the quality or durability of our Classic slings.


How long can I use my 5 in 1 Baby Carrier for?
πŸ‘‰ 5 in 1 Baby Carrier are suitable for use from birth. As with all baby carriers, proper care and attention must be taken with your newborn. The upper age limit is dependant on the wearer's ability to comfortably carry their baby's weight. Many parents continue to use their 5 in 1 Baby Carrier beyond 2 years of age.

Can I put the 5 in 1 Baby Carrier on without needing assistance?
πŸ‘‰ Absolutely! Once you get the hang of it you can easily shift from one position to the next. We do suggest you ask for help through until you are totally confident. Especially when using back positions.

Is it machine-washable?
πŸ‘‰ Yes. We suggest you use a gentle cycle and make sure that the buckles are both clicked up. Do not tumble dry, as it may damage the buckles.

Will the fabric fade?
πŸ‘‰ Being 100% cotton, naturally, the fabric will fade a little over time. The fabric is colorfast, so the fading should be quite minimal.

What is this made of?
πŸ‘‰ The Hammock is 100% cotton drill – durable, breathable and strong yet not too thick. For your comfort, the Baby Carrier is designed with foam shoulder padding.